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Age specific times will be updated as we get closer to evaluation day.

If your daughter would like to be evaluated for the next higher age, she will need to attend evaluations at both ages.  There is not an evaluation process for 8U; if she would like to be evaluated to play 10U, she will need to attend the evaluations for 10U.


Welcome Softball Players!

Welcome to the Becker Blast online registration process.  To start the registration process, click the 2020 Becker Blast Registration link below.   When the registration process starts, you will be prompted to enter/create an NGIN account at the bottom of the Welcome page.  If you have an existing NGIN account you can enter that.  If not, simply create a new account (its free).

To enhance your online registration experience we encourage you to review the material on this page prior to beginning the registration process.  In addition you may want to review our "Support and FAQ page" which provides answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions (Click Here to View FAQs).

Important Registration Updates


  • Starting in 2018 we got all new uniforms.  Starting in 2019 for 10U and up the Uniforms are extra but you will only buy when you need one.  You will also be able to order extra uniforms.  The cost of the uniforms are being subsidized by the Becker Blast.
  • Starting in 2019 we have reduced registration cost to $25 dollars for 8U and you will need to purchase a uniform. If you have a jersey from last year that still works you will not need to buy a new one.  All 8U will be required to buy pants though.
  • Sample uniforms will be available during open gym at the Field House on Sunday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00.
  • If your player has a number from the 2019 season, they will keep the same number.
  • The following will be provided for each level:
    • 8U:  Jersey & Pants (Uniform Fee added - $25 for a Jersey and $25 for pants)  (Socks and belts are $8 each)
    • 10U - 14U: Jersey and Pants.  (Uniform Fee added - $25 for a Jersey and $25 for pants) (Socks and belts are $8 each)

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Any participant, who after completing the evaluation process and/or being placed on a team roster subsequently quits or no longer participates in team activities without a valid reason as determined by the board, shall no longer be eligible for the refunds of registration fees.  Along with this, the participant(s) will no longer be considered in good standing and ruled ineligible for team registration for the entire season.  Valid reasons for non-participation after evaluations will include, but are not limited to, season ending injury, family relocation, or similar events that are beyond the player’s control.


Register Here




General Information:

The online registration process consolidates the standard application, emergency consent, and code of conduct forms into a single online registration.  When completing the application please be as detailed as possible. The information is vital to the success of our organization. It is used as input into the evaluation process and is provided to coaches and team managers. This information will not be distributed outside the Blast.  Below is some general information regarding the registration process:

  • On-line registration can be completed until March 21st for 8U-14U.  However, a late fee will be automatically assessed for late registrations.  The late fee is $15 per player for 8U and $25 per player for 10U and above.
    • To begin the online registration process you will be prompted to enter/create an NGIN account at the bottom of the Welcome page.  If you have an existing NGIN account you can enter that.  If not, simply create a new account (its free).
      • Registration fees are collected on-line via secure connection.  Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Checking Account and PayPal.
      • The registration fee for 8U is $25 per player plus uniform costs ($25 for Jersey and $25 for pants) Registration fee for all players 10U to 12U is $185+Uniform costs. and 14U Northern Blast is $250.00 plus uniform costs. If your daughter is eligible for the 8U program, chooses to be evaluated for the 10U program and makes the 10U program the additional $160 will be collected after teams are formed.  
      • Volunteer deposit checks will be collected at evaluation night.   The volunteer deposit is $250 per family ($150 if 8U only).  You have the option to "opt-out" of your volunteer commitment within the online registration process.  If you do so the $250 volunteer fee ($150 for 8U only) will be assesed as part of your registration.

Important Registration Information:

Prior to starting the registration process it is recommended that you have the following information available:

  • Jersey number from previous season. This is being collected to ensure there are no issues with conflicting jersey numbers as players advance to different age levels.
  • Contact information for an alternative contact (non parent/guardian) in case of emergency including name, phone, and address.
  • Medical information including physician name, address, phone number, medical insurer and medical policy ID/number.
  • Dental information including dentist name, address, phone number, dental insurer and dental policy ID/number.

For additional questions or support, please contact