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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  For your convenience they are grouped by Category.  To go to the start of a Category, simply click the Category.  With each Category heading, there is also "Back to Top" link which when clicked brings you to the top of the page.  You can also search the page for a specific word/phrase.  To perform a search  you can select Ctrl+F on your keyboard (supported by most browsers).  If you didn't find the answer to your question, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration FAQs (Back to Top):
What is the amount of the registration fee?
The registration for the 8U level is $25 per player. The registration fee for all other levels is $180 per player.   An added fee for uniforms will be charged ($25 for a Jersey and $25 for Pants. Socks and belts are $5 each) for all levels.  In 2018 we got all new uniforms and then starting in 2019 if you need a new uniform you can buy one if not you do not need to buy any.  8U will be wearing pants again this season.
When can I register?
The standard registration window is from February 10th till March 16th, 2019.   Registrations should be completed online.  Late registrations will be assessed a late fee per the following schedule:
  • After March 16th for 10U-14U ($25) for 8U ($15)
  • After April 1st for 10U-14U ($50) for 8U ($30)
Can I register after March 16th, 2020?
Registrations are accepted after March 16th.  You register online.  The online registration will automatically include the late fee.
What are the late fees assessed for late registrations? 
$25 for per player in levels 10U-14U after April 1st $50.  $15 per player in 8U after April 1st $30.
What payment options are accepted online?
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checking Account or PayPal.
How do I know what age level my daughter should register for?
The appropriate age level will default during online registration based on your daughter’s birth date. The age qualifications can also be found on our web-site (Click Here for More Details…).
If my daughter wishes to be evaluated at a higher age level what age level should I select on her application?
You should select the age level that defaults on the application. Then select “Yes” to the question “Do wish to be evaluated for higher age level?”
What can I do if I am unable to register online?
Every effort should be made to register online. If for whatever reason you are unable to register online you may contact the Becker Blast (
Evaluation FAQs: (Back to Top):
How are teams selected?
Players at the 10U to 14U level are divided into teams based on their evaluation scores.  Based on the amount of teams at each age level, there will be A, B, and C level teams.
If my daughter wishes to be evaluated at a higher age level which evaluation is she required to attend?
If your daughter is eligible for the 8U program and wishes to be evaluated for the 10U program she should attend the 10U evaluations. If your daughter is eligible for the 10U-14U program and wishes to be evaluated for a higher age level she is required to attend both the level she is eligible for and the higher level also.
What criterion is used to determine if a player can move up a level?
Per the BBSA Bylaws, an 8U player can move up a level if they score in the top 50% at the 10U level. A 10U to 14U player can move up if the following conditions are met: 1) The player completes evaluations for both levels 2) The player is scored high enough to be on the A team at the higher level; or if there is NOT a A team at the higher level then the player must score in the top 33% of the higher level 3) You must have selected “wish to be evaluated at a higher level” on the application 4) Must display emotional maturity for the older age classification.
My daughter is 14U eligible, does she need to attend evaluations?Starting in 2019 16u and up eligible girls will be registering with the Monticello Association.  The process for evaluations at the 16U level will be on March 9th in Monticello. Further instructions will be provided as the evaluation date approaches. Please register as soon as possible to help facilitate this process.
My daughter is 14U eligible and wishes to be evaluated for the 16U program does she need to attend evaluations?
Yes, she should attend evaluations also please contact the becker blast @ as soon as possible to make arrangements for the 16U evaluations.
What should I do if my daughter wishes to be evaluated at a higher age level and I forgot to indicate this on her application?
Email a request to including your daughter's name and level she wishes to be evaluated for.  Requests must be received 48 hours prior to evaluations.
Volunteer FAQs: (Back to Top):
How many volunteer hours are we required to fulfill?
10 hours per family with one or more participants in the 10U-14U programs.  4 hours per family if the only participant(s) within the family are in the 8U program.
Why are we required to volunteer?
It is necessary for every parent to play an active role so the season is possible for the kids.
I have multiple daughters participating in the Blast, how many volunteer hours are we required to fulfill?
The volunteer commitment is per family not per child.  The maximum is 10 hours per family with one or more girl in age 10U-16U programs and 4 hours per family if the only participant(s) within the family are in the 8U program.
Am I able to “opt-out” of my volunteer hours?
Yes. You may elect to “opt-out” of your volunteer hours within your online application. If you chose to “opt-out”, the "opt-out" fee will be automatically assessed as part of your online registration.
How are volunteer deposits being handled with online registration?
Volunteer checks will be collected at the Parent Meeting.  Every effort should be made to attend the Parent Meeting. If you are unable to attend, it would be preferred that you make arrangements with another parent to bring your check to the meeting. If this is not possible, please email us at
What is done with my volunteer check?
Volunteer checks are held for the duration of the season. If your volunteer hours are fulfilled your checked is returned at the end of the season.   If your hours are not fulfilled, your check will be cashed.
What is the amount of my volunteer deposit?
$250 if one or more participants within a family are in the 10U-16U program.  $150 if all participants in the family are in the 8U program.
To whom should my volunteer deposit be made out to?
Becker Blast
Uniform and Equipment FAQs: (Back to Top):
Can my daughter use the same uniform from last year?
Starting in 2018 we changed the uniforms so everyone bought a new uniform.  The cost of the uniform will be $50 for a Jersey, pants and socks.  for 8U to 14U.  Starting in 2019 for our 8U program the girls need to buy a pair of pants with registration and a jersey if they do not have one from last season that fits.  For 16U please contact the blast.  Starting with the 2019 season if you have a wearable Becker Blast uniform you will not be required to purchase a new one, but you will have the option to if you want.
Why do i have to pay for a uniform at 8U?
Registration fees were reduced this in 2019 to accommodate having to pay for uniforms.  As with the older girls if your jersey still fits you will not need to purchase a new one.  In 2019 all girls will need to purchase pants as we are switching from shorts.
How do I know what size uniform to order for my daughter?
Sample uniforms for various sizes will be available during open gym at the Field House on Sunday evenings.
Are we able to keep our uniforms?
Yes. You purchase your uniform and are able to keep it.
Are there any restrictions on which softball bats are approved for use and which are not?
Bats must have an ASA 2004 or 2000 stamp on them and not be on
the banned bat list.  To access the banned bat list go to, select Bats, and click the Go button.
How do I know what size bat to get my daughter?
Check out this link from Dick's Sporting Goods.  It provides good recommendations on bat selection.
General FAQs: (Back to Top):
When do I find out what team my daughter will be on?
Team assignments are communicated through the website within two weeks of evaluations.
Is the parent meting mandatory?
Every effort should be made to attend the parent meeting. The Parent Meeting is vital to getting the season off to a good start for players, parents, coaches, and team managers.  Parent Meeting will be held on Sunday March 8th @ 6:45 at the field house commons.
Should I bring my daughter to the Parent Meeting?
You are encouraged to do so.  They can be in the Field house for open gym which has pitching lessons, hitting stations and places to throw.
When do practices start?
The schedule for practices is highly dependent upon weather and field conditions. Anytime after the teams are formed, the coach will be scheduling the practices and communicate practices schedule to you.
How many tournaments does each team participate in?
Each Blast team is required to participate in the Annual Becker Blast tournament. Participation in additional tournaments are at the coaches discretion.
When is the 2020 Becker Blast Tournaments?
8U teams play in the Becker Rookie Round-up on Saturday June 13th
10U, 12U and 14U teams play in the Becker Freedom Days Tournament the weekend of June 19th through June 21st.
Are there additional fees required for Becker Blast teams to participate in the Becker Blast Tournament?
No, there is no additional cost for Becker Blast teams to participate in the Becker Blast tournament.
If our team elects to participate in other tournaments other than the Becker Blast tournament are there additional costs for those tournaments?
The Becker Blast Association does give each team an allotment for Tournaments.  Coaches/Parents are responsible for fees and other costs associated with participation in additional tournaments.
What equipment are we required to provide for our daughter?
You are required to provide shoes, a glove, fielders mask (optional but highly recommended), a batting helmet, and batting gloves (if desired). In addition, you are required to purchase a uniform for your daughter. The Blast provides bats, catchers gear, and other equipment required for practice.
What is the reasoning for the new helmet policy?
The Blast will no longer be providing batting helmets.  There are a couple of reasons behind the policy change.  It will be more sanitary if everyone has their own helmet.  The players will be safer if they all have a helmet that fits them properly.
When does league play begin? 
The start of league play varies by year, age level, and league.  Actual dates will be communicated at the Parent meeting.  Based on past years general/approximate start dates are: 8U (3rd week of May), 10U (2nd week of May), 12U (2nd week of May), 14U (3rd week of May), and 16U (1st week of June).
What nights are league games played on?
League games are typically played M-TH and vary by league and age level.  Usually games are played 2 nights a week (i.e., M/W, or T/TH).   This information will be made available at the Parent meeting.
What leagues do Blast teams participate in?
The Blast teams participate in the Big West League.  The Big West League is part of the Minnesota Softball League


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